About the Mind Muscle Clinic


Bringing optimal body function & performance back to athletes and members of the general public

The Mind Muscle Clinic in Folkestone was created by Steve Brenner in 2018 to combine advanced soft tissue therapy, body manipulation & mobilisation, muscle energy techniques, injury & posture correction to enable us to provide our clients with a complete rehabilitation focused treatment plan from start to finish.

Our modern clinic is based within Dynamix Leisure, which is a state of the art gymnasium in Cheriton, Folkestone, offering the highest level of equipment at our disposal to ensure we can offer the safest and highest quality rehabilitation plans for you.
All of our practitioners and trainers are experienced and educated to advanced levels in:

> Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Therapy
> Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation
> Kinesiology Taping
> Muscle Energy Techniques
> Personal Training & Coaching
> Nutritional Programming for Performance & Weight Management

What can we treat?

> Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
> Muscle Tension, Pain & Discomfort
> Repetitive Strain Injuries i.e. Tennis & Golfer's Elbow
> Posture Dysfunction & Muscle Imbalances
> Fibrosis
> Sciatica
> Muscular Strains
> Ligament Sprains
> Weight Management
> Injury Rehabilitation
> & more


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