Injury Rehabilitation


Treatment of soft connective tissue damage for muscles, ligaments, tendons & fascia

We work with patients experiencing sport or work related injuries, general acute injury or repetitive.overuse strains, sprains & muscle damage.

We recommend booking your initial assessment, to allow us to effectively determine the cause of the injury whether acute injury or you are experiencing pain and discomfort from repetitive motions from your everyday work or lifestyle. This will allow us to better determine an effective treatment plan that may include tissue therapy and manipulation, strengthening or referral onto a specialist i.e. Chiropractor etc, should you display signs of an underlying issue you may not be aware of.

Initial assessments are conducted at our clinic in Folkestone, and may include a postural assessment, palpation of muscle and other soft tissue or physical and visual observation.

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Sports massage fees

Duration: 25-30 minutes

Price:  £30.00

Duration: 45 minutes

Price:  £40.00

Posture Analysis & Correction

Find out how we can help with posture correction & injury rehabilitation - click here to find out more