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Deep Tissue
Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage can relieve pain & alleviate the stress you place on your muscles from work, exercise or your daily physical and mental tasks.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the release of tension & tightness in your muscle fibers & connective tissues, to enable the realignment of your posture & improve joint function to remove pain & discomfort. A deep tissue massage can:

  • relieve & treat chronic pain

  • reduces back, neck & shoulder pain

  • treat muscle pain, tightness & spasms

  • improve joint flexibility & relieve joint pain

  • improve your bodies mobility & range of motion

  • treat repetitive strain injuries (tennis/golfers elbow, carpal tunnel)

  • assist in the recovery of injuries

  • improve blood flow & lower blood pressure

  • can help reduce stress

  • improves level of performance when exercising

  • can help relieve headaches & migraines

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Massage Therapy

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