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Pre-Consultation Form
In order to undertake any nutrition or training services with Mind Muscle Fitness we ask all potential clients to complete the following Pre-Consultation Form, in detail, so we can get a better insight into you, your background and your goals. Once completed, we will endeavour to get back to you within 1-3 working days to arrange for an in-person or video link consultation.
Your personal details
Your goals
What are your goals (select all that apply)
Your current diet
Do you currently use any supplements or take any medications?
The different services we offer vary in terms of the level of support, time and client effort required. To better help advise you on the most appropriate and effective service for your individual goals, please indicate the monthly budget most applicable to your current situation. NOTE: Most of our services are based on weekly recurring payment for on-going support.
Your current training / level of exercise
Extra information
Would you be willing to provide a testimonial and/or before and after photos (if applicable) for the Mind Muscle Fitness social media accounts, website & other marketing materials?

Thanks, We will read through all of your answers & be in contact shortly to arrange your consultation!

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