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Can Massage Help Increase Muscle Mass?

Anyone who lifts heavy weights for the purpose of gaining size or strength is going to be

putting the muscles in a catabolic state, which is essentially the tearing down of muscle tissue due to the stress placed upon it. When the muscle begins the process of repairing itself it can get adhesed to other tissue, causing a reduction in the tissues optimal functioning, including reduced range of motion, lack of blood and nutrient flow to the effected areas and can prevent the removal of waste products such as lactic acid leaving the muscle in an unhealthy state.

Imagine a paint brush for a second . . . . When you use it and clean it afterwards, it will be fine to use again, but if you leave it out, the brush gets stuck together. This is the same with muscle fibres, if you take care of them and allow the blood to keep flowing through the fibres your good, if you avoid stretching, massage or foam rolling, eventually the fibres will get stuck together and now you've got a problem! Lack of blood and nutrient flow = Lack of anabolic substrates such as amino acids etc, which means no muscle growth!

So how can massage help me build muscle you ask?

Simple, by keeping your muscle fibres in good condition through active release and deep tissue massage, any adhesion's and tightness in the muscle can be removed, therefore allowing effective removal of waste build up in the muscle, and adequate supply of blood to keep the area well nourished. This will help muscles recover faster, prevent injury and enable full range of muscle motion to allow for maximal growth throughout the muscle.

If your looking to gain the extra advantage book your appointment online and see the difference for yourself.

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