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Massages go a long way to help prevent injury!

Getting a regular sports or deep tissue massage is one of the best ways help your muscles, tendons and joints move through their proper range of motion and stay in optimum shape. Ask yourself 'why do I warm up before I train?', most likely it's because you want your muscles to be warm and ready to undertake stress you are about to apply on them. But what about the after care? Do you actively release the tension that builds up through myofascial release? Are you stretching effectively? and are you allowing adequate time and feeding your muscle properly?

Soreness, pain, inflammation and postural deviations can be brought about by overusing muscles. Getting a regular sports or deep tissue massage can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused in the first place and can also help subside inflammation which is usually the initial cause of pain.

Massage is the most effective treatment for soft-tissue injuries such as strains, sprains and stress injuries and helps reduce the chance of injuries reoccurring.

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